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What I do best – Life is full of threats to our financial well-being. It is my job to show you where you are at risk and how to best mitigate that risk. I take the time to make sure that I find the best insurance coverage possible for your most important assets based on your lifestyle, goals, and budget.

Not Having A Plan Is the Biggest Financial Risk for a Family

Let’s face it, no one likes to think about what they would do if a tragedy struck their family – least of all a young couple with small children. The biggest financial risk to any family is not having a plan in place to protect the family’s most important assets.

First-Hand Experience

In my personal life, I have witnessed first-hand how a health issue can turn a person’s world upside down and drain a person physically and emotionally. Everyone can relate to having a family member who suffers from a debilitating health issue, whether it be a spouse, a parent, a sibling, or even a child. For me, it was my almost three-year-old niece who was diagnosed with Severe Autism Spectrum Disorder – ASD.

The news devastated my sister and her husband. The following months and years would be filled with sleepless, worry-filled nights, exhaustion, and expensive assessments and therapy. They also had another infant daughter at home and a son on the way. My sister was on maternity leave at the time and was planning on returning to a good paying career. Instead, she needed to leave her job so that she could devote as much time and energy as she could muster to help her daughter.

Since then, ALL THREE of their beautiful children have been diagnosed with ASD.

In Hindsight

I had just gotten my Life & Living Benefits license shortly after their youngest was diagnosed with ASD. Knowing what I know today, as a licensed Life & Living Benefits professional, I would have advised my sister and her husband to purchase a Child Critical Illness policy on all three of their children, as ASD is one of the many childhood illnesses/conditions that are covered. There would have been a lump-sum payout on all three policies providing my sister and her husband much needed financial respite at the time.

Taking Care of the Future

In the early days, I was a live-in care-giving aunty. Anyone with a family member on the severe end of the spectrum knows how demanding and difficult every day can be. I knew that if anything were to happen to me, my sister would have to hire someone to assist on a daily basis over a period of many years in order to function as a family.

To make sure that funds would be available to hire help should I die, I started by purchasing a Life Insurance product and made my sister the Beneficiary. I pointed out other areas where my sister and her family were vulnerable financially, given their short and long-term goals. I was able to recommend other insurance products to help their family mitigate any future threats.

About ASD

Today, in Canada, the odds of having a child who has Autism is 1 in 95. Ten years ago, the odds were 1 in 150. Also, the odds today of developing any type of cancer for Canadians is 2 in 5. These are alarming statistics!

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