Making An Auto Insurance Claim in Ontario

How to Make an Auto Insurance Claim

Accidents happen and when they do, making an auto insurance claim is the next step. In all accidents, someone needs to be held accountable. This is true even for single-vehicle accidents and accidents involving wildlife.  In some cases, depending on the circumstances, insurance companies may hold both parties at fault.

When making an auto insurance claim in Ontario, your auto insurance premiums will also be affected if your vehicle is involved in an “at fault” auto accident while someone else is driving it.

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What to Do Following an Auto Accident

Here are the recommended steps you should take, if possible, following an auto accident:

  1. Always remain at the accident site (it is a criminal offense to leave the scene of an accident)
  2. Call 911 if there are injuries, excessive damage, or if you suspect a criminal offense by the other parties
  3. Do not move your vehicle if damage is believed to be in excess of $1000
  4. If someone is injured do not move them (unless it is unsafe) – wait for medical help
  5. Use your vehicle’s hazard signals, flares, or other warning devices to signal other drivers
  6. Record details about the accident including time, place, weather & road conditions, etc.
  7. Exchange all driver information with the other parties including car license, driver’s license, contact information and insurance information
  8. If possible, collect contact information from witnesses and vehicle passengers

What You Need to Do to Make A Claim

Below, Huronia Insurance Group offers a brief outline of what you need to consider when making an auto insurance claim in Ontario including:

  • What to do if you are involved in an accident
  • Notifying the Insurance Company (at fault accidents)
  • Reporting all injuries
  • Protecting your vehicle from further loss
  • What to expect following a claim
  • Understanding your auto insurance policy (what is and isn’t covered)

Notify Your Insurance Company

You are responsible for contacting your insurance company when making an auto insurance claim. This must be done within 7 days of the accident and you must provide them with all the details to the best of you knowledge.

Report All Injuries

When making an auto insurance claim, notify your insurance company if there are any injuries to yourself or to others as a result of the car accident. If you feel it is warranted, be sure to visit your doctor ASAP following the accident. If your injuries are serious, you may also want to consider legal counsel to assist you with your auto insurance claim.

Protecting Your Vehicle from Further Loss

Following an accident, you are responsible for ensuring that your vehicle and its contents are protected from loss or further damage. If your vehicle is written off, it becomes the property of the insurance company once you have received your settlement.

What to Expect After Making an Auto Insurance Claim

After making an auto accident claim, the insurance company will investigate further to determine who is at fault, and to what degree each party may be at fault (this can be from 0 to 100% at fault). Following the investigation, the claims adjuster will contact you (or if you have someone, your legal counsel) to discuss your claim and a possible settlement. If you are found to be fully or partially at fault, your insurance premiums will go up once it is time for renewal.

Understanding Your Insurance Policy

Huronia Insurance Group highly recommends that you read your Ontario auto insurance policy in its entirety to ensure you understand all the specific details about your insurance coverage. If you do not have legal counsel and you require assistance, one of our Huronia insurance brokers will be able to help you understand your policy coverage.

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