Car Storage Insurance

Car Storage Insurance Isn’t Mandatory in Ontario

But It Is Recommended

Even though car storage insurance isn’t mandatory in Ontario for vehicles that are being parked or put into long-term storage, insurance is still highly recommended. However, your vehicle may require having car storage insurance coverage if you are leasing or financing the vehicle.

There are many types of vehicles that can be protected with car storage insurance including seasonal use vehicles such as RVs and motorhomes, motorcycles, ATVs, and even classic and collector vehicles. The onus is on the vehicle owner whether or not they wish to protect their vehicle while it is in storage.

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Below, our auto insurance brokers at Huronia Insurance Group outline some of the reasons why we feel you should consider protecting your vehicles with car storage insurance.

Lower Insurance Costs

Only insure for the provincial minimum – Third-party damage is unlikely to occur from a vehicle that is not being operated on the road. To save on car storage insurance costs you can reduce third party liability to the provincial minimum of $200,000.

Remove collision insurance – Collision insurance is not needed while your vehicle is in storage, so this will also help you save on car storage insurance costs. However you should consider fire and theft insurance coverage.

Keep Your Theft & Comprehensive Insurance

Huronia Insurance Group highly recommends that you keep your comprehensive auto insurance coverage while your vehicle is in storage. Theft and comprehensive insurance will protect your vehicle from unforeseen circumstances that might arise. Such perils can include (among others):

FireBroken Windshields or Glass
Falling ObjectsDamage Caused by Fire or Explosion
Theft or Vandalism

Note: Classic car insurance and motorcycle insurance in Ontario are for 12-month terms and generally include vehicle storage during the off-season.

Should your vehicle be stolen, theft and comprehensive car storage insurance will cover the cost of recovering the vehicle and if necessary, repair costs for the vehicle. If your vehicle is damaged by any of the perils listed on your insurance policy, then your insurance policy will also cover those repairs as well.

Understanding Perils

Every Ontario auto insurance company will have its own list of perils applicable to the car storage insurance policies they sell. Call our Huronia auto insurance brokers at 1-866-955-8386 if you need help to determine what types of vehicle storage insurance coverage will meet your specific needs.

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