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Fleet Auto Loss Prevention Tips for Business Owners

Tips on How to Prevent Commercial Vehicle Loss

Fleet auto insurance is a great way for businesses to bundle their insurance for all vehicles and receive better insurance rates but there are a few loss prevention tips you should keep in mind.

With fleet insurance, you can bundle your entire fleet of cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, delivery vehicles, taxis, etc., into one insurance plan. Along with significant savings on insurance, it also offers several other great benefits:

  • The convenience of one renewal for all vehicles
  • Provides coverage for every employee regardless of what vehicle they drive

At Huronia Insurance our local Ontario auto insurance brokers have compiled this list of loss prevention tips for businesses with fleet vehicles. We recommend that you make all your employees aware of how to minimize loss and save on insurance.

Store Valuables Out of Sight

It is important to keep valuable items out of sight and hidden from anyone looking into the vehicle window. Many drivers forget that items like log books, phones, and delivery schedules are valuable and may be an invitation to thieves. Even small items like loose pocket change or a phone charger can be enough incentive for a thief to break the window to get into the vehicle.

Do Not Leave Loads Unattended

As far as loss prevention tips go, it’s amazing how often this happens. Drivers should never leave valuable loads unattended. Nor should they reveal to others the load contents, the purpose of their vehicle, or the final destination of their trip.

Hire Trustworthy Drivers

Loss prevention also includes making sure you know who is behind the wheel of your fleet. Many companies will require various checks to screen their fleet drivers. These may include:

  • Previous employment records
  • Driver training and certification
  • Driving record check
  • Drug testing

Use Fleet Vehicles Only for Intended Purposes

Your company policy should clearly outline the usage of any company fleet vehicle. Ensuring proper use of the vehicle will extend the life of the vehicle, improve loss prevention efforts, as well as reduce risk of damage to the property of others. For example, only authorized drivers should be permitted to operate the vehicle. Some companies also set policies where only approved passengers are permitted.

Keep A Regular Maintenance Schedule

Regular fleet vehicle maintenance should be an important part of your loss prevention strategy. Having a regular vehicle maintenance schedule for your commercial fleet will also improve road safety and protect your employees. Using a qualified mechanic will also allow you to keep accurate records of regular maintenance and service, and both are important to have on file in case of an accident due to mechanical failure.

Conduct Regular Fleet Inspections

Many insurance companies recommend that you conduct daily vehicle inspections prior to usage using a standardized checklist you keep on file. Keeping these inspection records is also important in the case of an accident due to mechanical failure.

Be Prepared for Emergency Situations

Each fleet vehicle should have items necessary for an emergency such as a flashlight, spare tire, tire jack, traffic cones, and flares. These are all important in order to keep your employee and others safe (including the surrounding vehicles) in the event of an emergency.

Obey All Traffic Laws

Enforce a company policy and set a culture within your organization for drivers to follow all traffic laws, including speed limits. Make sure each load is properly secured and does not exceed weight limits of the vehicle.

Lock Fleet Vehicles at All Times

Make sure employees always lock their fleet vehicle and keep their keys secure. We recommend you do not attach your fleet vehicle keys to your home or business office keys just in the case the keys are lost or stolen.

Always Shut Off Vehicle When Unattended

It can be tempting to leave a fleet vehicle running when making a quick delivery or stop but this should be discouraged. It is important to shut the vehicle off and lock it completely when leaving the vehicle unattended. Plus, shutting off the fleet vehicle is good for the environment! Did you know that leaving your car idling for more than just 10 seconds consumes more gas than if you were to shut off your car and turn it back on?

Use Anti-Theft Devices

There are many options for anti-theft devices on the market these days to help protect your fleet vehicles and their contents. Determine the needs of each fleet vehicle and decide between a mechanical device, an alarm, or an electronic immobilizer.

Keep Your Fleet Parking Lot Secure and Well Lit

If you park your fleet vehicles in the same place each night, invest in making the area secure by adding fences, gates, and sufficient lighting. This will help deter thieves and vandals.

Have Questions About Fleet Insurance?

At Huronia Insurance, our team of Ontario insurance brokers has more than 200 years of combined experience in working in the insurance industry. We work with a number of Canada’s top insurance companies to bring affordable business insurance and fleet vehicle insurance to companies of all sizes. If your business also uses drones, see our post on Commercial Drone Risk Assessment Insurance.

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