Homeowner’s Insurance in Ontario

Protect Your Home and Its Contents

For many of us, our home is our most valuable possession. It’s also our biggest investment.

That’s why, when it comes to home insurance in Ontario, you need a home insurance broker who will take the time to make sure that your home and contents are insured adequately against unforeseen damages or loss.

In 2016, most of us across Canada watched in horror as forest fires destroyed practically the entire city of Fort McMurray in Alberta. Sadly, many of those lost homes were underinsured. In fact, many homes right here in Barrie (and across Southern Ontario) are also underinsured…and most homeowners don’t even realize it.

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What Would You Do If You Had To Replace Your Home?

The rising cost of home construction means your home might be underinsured for today’s market. If you don’t insure your home to value you could stand to lose tens of thousands of dollars.

Don’t be tempted by lower home insurance premiums that won’t cover you for the actual cost to rebuild your home in today’s market.

At Huronia Insurance, we make sure our Barrie home insurance customers understand the importance of insuring to value. We’ll help you calculate replacement costs accurately to reflect today’s market and suggest the best home insurance coverage possible so you won’t be underinsured.

Going Beyond the Home Insurance Basics

Natural disasters are unforeseeable and happen all the time. Huronia Insurance can discuss additional coverage options beyond basic home insurance coverage such as:

Earthquake Insurance Coverage – Basic home and property insurance policies don’t include damage caused by earthquake. Eastern Ontario lies within an earthquake zone and there is a high probability of experiencing an earthquake within the life of your home ownership. Consider adding earthquake insurance coverage to your Ontario home insurance policy.

Theft Insurance Coverage – On a basic home insurance policy, theft coverage for your valuables might also be limited. For example, if you own valuable heirloom jewellery, insurance companies often limit coverage to only about $5,000.

Huronia insurance brokers will help you assess the value of your home, your contents and your most valuable possessions so that in the event of loss or damage you won’t be underinsured. As you can see, not every home insurance policy is created equal. Sometimes, going beyond the basics is necessary.

Ask Us About Ontario Home Insurance Types

There are many types of homeowners insurance including:

  • Dwelling insurance
  • Home contents insurance
  • Unoccupied home insurance
  • Seasonal home insurance
  • Rental property insurance
  • Condo insurance
  • Mobile home insurance

Huronia also offer high risk home insurance.

Have More Questions About Homeowner’s Insurance?

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