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Hobby Farm & Agri Farm Insurance Services

Whether you own a large farm in Ontario or run a small poultry farm, horse farm, or hobby farm, make sure you have adequate farm insurance coverage to project yourself and your assets.

Huronia Insurance Group can help you get the right farm insurance coverage for your specific situation. Along with your farmhouse and outbuildings, other considerations would include liability insurance, farm equipment insurance, and protection for your livestock. In fact, there are many aspects of an all-inclusive farm insurance policy that can accommodate your unique circumstances.

Whether you operate a small hobby farm or a full-time agri-business, don’t let unforeseen perils put your livelihood and lifestyle at risk. Our Huronia farm insurance brokers can help you to properly assess your insurance needs to create the best farm insurance policy possible to meet those demands. This is what Huronia Insurance Group does best.

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Extended Farm Insurance Coverage

Basic farm insurance policies are designed to offer protection for the essentials like your home, outbuildings, livestock, produce, and equipment. Let us connect you with some of the top Canadian farm insurance providers that will also help cover many unexpected situations such as:

Income Protection

Loss of Use

Product Contamination

Accident Insurance

Drought Protection

Equipment Replacement Costs

Power Interruption

Rental Coverage

Flood Protection

Farm Insurance for Liability & Pollution

Are you adequately covered if you lease your farm to others, board horses, or inadvertently have manure escape from your property to a neighbouring property as a result of heavy rain or other natural event? We recommend that you make liability coverage an essential aspect of your farm insurance policy.

As a farmer or hobby farm enthusiast, you could be held liable for intentional (or unintentional) damage caused by you or an animal on or outside your property. Don’t put your farm, family, or your livelihood at risk. Bolster your farm insurance with sufficient liability coverage from Huronia. This is a prudent and cost-effective means of protecting all your interests.

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Serving Ontario from Barrie to Toronto, Huronia Insurance Group offers a full range of home insurance services. Along with hobby farm insurance and insurance for agricultural businesses in Ontario, we also offer risk home insurance services.

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