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You should have oil tank insurance if you own and operate a domestic home heating oil tank in Ontario. Should there be an oil spill, the Environmental Protection Act requires that you report the pollution to the Ontario Spills Action Centre as soon as possible. You can call the pollution reporting hotline toll free at 1-966-663-8477.

Ontario insurance companies spend millions of dollars annually towards residential oil spill cleanup. Regular home heating oil tank safety checks are your best insurance against fuel spills.

While oil tank insurance is recommended, for home heating oil tank safety it is important to regularly check not only the fuel tank, but also the fuel lines, connections, and filters. We recommend that you have an expert inspect your home heating oil tank annually.

Understanding Oil Spill Insurance Coverage

Any leaks or spills of residential fuel oil can not only cause substantial damage to your property and the environment, but also be quite expensive to repair and clean up. Home heating fuel spills can contaminate the soil as well as nearby water supplies, and adversely affect nearby vegetation. To give you a better perspective, an Olympic swimming pool holds over 660,400 gallons of water, which can easily be contaminated by as little as a single cup of heating fuel.

Environmental clean up costs can be as high as tens of thousands (and sometimes hundreds of thousands) of dollars. Oil tank insurance is really important because if your home heating fuel leaks, you will be responsible to report and clean up the spill.

Huronia Insurance Group can help you get the oil tank insurance coverage you need to ensure you are protected in the event of a home heating oil fuel spill.

Home Heating Oil Tanks Can Also Affect Home Insurance

Did you know that heating your home with oil could also affect your home insurance rates? This is especially true if your home is located near a river, a lake, or some other water source. Where your oil tank is located and the type of oil tank you have may also be considered.

Our Huronia home insurance brokers can also help you understand how heating your home with oil can affect your home insurance coverage.

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Upgrading Your Home Heating Oil Tank

Canada now requires that all home heating oil tanks be installed above ground. If you have an older home with an underground oil tank, you may be required to replace it with an above ground oil tank. Installing a newer, fiberglass-made home heating oil tank is highly recommended, as it is more cost effective and much safer to operate.

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