Residential Landlord Protection Insurance Ontario

Protection Against Unpaid Rents and/or Property Damage

As a residential landlord in Ontario, are you aware that you can get landlord protection insurance to cover unpaid rents and/or any property damages caused by renters? Let our Huronia insurance brokers show you how affordable it can be to add either or both coverages to your landlord insurance policy. You can even request to have landlord protection insurance as a stand-alone policy per rental property.

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Types of Rentals Covered

To be eligible for residential landlord protection insurance, your renters must have a 660 or higher credit score, or the rental cost must be less than 40% of the renters’ gross income. Once eligible, you can get insurance protection for any of the following:

  • Long-term rentals (short-term rentals excluded)
  • Whole house rentals
  • Room rentals (including self-contained units with kitchen & bathroom)
  • Student rentals
  • Shared rentals – rooming house with 3 or more unrelated people living together (social housing excluded)

Rental Property Damage by Tenants

As a residential landlord you may face a number of risks including rental property damage by tenants. Huronia can offer you landlord protection insurance against the following:

  • Property theft (or burglary by tenants or tenant guests)
  • Vandalism and malicious property damage by tenants or guests
  • Non-malicious or accidental property damage (including pet damage)

Insurance to Cover Unpaid Rent

At some point almost every residential landlord must deal with tenants that don’t pay their rent. With landlord protection insurance you can be covered for any of the following circumstances:

  • Tenant fails to pay rent
  • Failure to vacate the rental property
  • If the property can’t be rented due to property damage by previous tenant
  • If the tenant vacates without notice (or becomes deceased) before the term of the lease
  • If there is a court order allowing the tenant to break the lease due to hardship

Whether you rent out an entire house, a suite in your home, a condo, or an apartment unit, being a landlord comes with certain risks. Get the landlord protection you need so you don’t have to pay “out-of-pocket” for unpaid rent or property damages caused by delinquent tenants.

About Huronia Insurance

For nearly three decades, Huronia Insurance Group has been servicing the insurance needs of residential landlords throughout Southern Ontario, from Barrie to Toronto. We also offer rented dwelling insurance and tenant insurance services.

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