Seasonal Dwelling Insurance Ontario

Whether you have a cottage on the lake or cabin in the woods, Seasonal Dwelling Insurance is probably a good idea.

Recreational properties and seasonal dwellings are just as susceptible to insurance needs as the home in which you live for most of the year. You can insure not only your cottage or cabin, but also the property on which it is located and the contents within.

Why Do I Need Seasonal Dwelling Insurance?

Anything that can happen to your home or your family during a year can also happen at your seasonal dwelling. Window glass gets broken, broken pipes can cause water damage, falling objects or trees can create havoc with your building’s structure, and items can be stolen during a break-in.

Sometimes your home insurance policy can extend to your recreational residence, but often the coverage is not exactly the same as your home coverage. You should speak with a Huronia insurance agent and clarify exactly how your Seasonal Dwelling Insurance might differ from the policy you currently have associated with your primary residence.

How Can I Save Money On Seasonal Dwelling Insurance?

There are multiple ways to realize savings on Seasonal Dwelling Insurance, and some of the following are the easiest:

  1. Location
    Choose a cottage or location for your RV that is not at high risk for damage. A cliffside or creekside cottage will be at higher risk than one which is set back from any natural outcrops or floodplains.
  2. Plumbing
    Must have been updated within the last 20 years and contain no galvanized steel or lead pipes.
  3. Wood Stoves
    Wood heating for any purpose could make your summer residence insurance premiums higher and subject your property to an inspection. Consider carefully whether a wood stove or wood heating is a necessity or a preference.
  4. Pools
    If your summer escape location has a pool on the property, it can increase your liability risk. Fence the pool and install proper signage as per local bylaws wherever pools are concerned.
  5. Liability
    Liability can also be affected by your seasonal dwelling or the surrounding property on which guests may travel. Ensure that traffic areas throughout the property are well lit, that pathways or sidewalks are obstruction-free, and that sheds, fences, or outhouses are kept in good repair. Doing so could reduce liability claims.
  6. Boats
    Any canoes, boats, motors, or other watercraft stored or used at the property need to be insured separately from the recreational property insurance. See our page on Boat Insurance in Ontario.

NOTE: Seasonal Dwelling Insurance policies are usually based on cash (current) value, not the replacement value of items being insured.

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