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If you are looking to buy car insurance, business insurance, or homeowners insurance in Ontario, we’ve outlined a number of helpful insurance tips below, courtesy of our insurance agents here of Huronia Insurance Group in Barrie, ON.

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Car Insurance Tips

Most auto accidents (and auto crimes like car theft and break-in) are preventable and/or can be minimized. These auto insurance tips are designed to help prevent or lesson these unfortunate events such as vehicle break-ins, auto theft, and car accidents.

  • Always lock your vehicle.
  • Avoid leaving valuable items within view while vehicle is unattended.
  • Install an anti-theft device such as a car alarm or ignition disabler.
  • Take a recognized Ontario driver safety-training course.
  • Follow all regular maintenance and care schedules for your vehicle and use a qualified mechanic. If you notice any changes to the vehicle that can affect your safety (ex. brakes, headlights) visit a mechanic right away.
  • If you have young children as passengers in your vehicle, ensure all child restraint seats are properly installed and the check that the correct seat for the child’s age and/or size is being used.
  • Follow the laws of the road and always be aware of other drivers and pedestrians around you.
  • When driving, focus on the road and remove as many distractions in the car as possible, including mobile devices.
  • Be prepared for all road conditions, particularly in winter when roads can become treacherous with little to no warning.
  • Drive your vehicle appropriately for the road conditions – slow down when roads are wet or slippery.
  • Know what to do ahead of time, before you are involved in a car accident. This includes recording all the details of the accident, collecting auto insurance information from the other person involved, asking for contact information of any witnesses, and taking pictures if you are able to.

Visit our car insurance page for more detailed auto insurance information.

Insurance Tips for Homeowners

These home insurance tips are designed to help prevent the loss of your home and/or home contents.

  • Keep an inventory of the items in your home (video or photographs).
  • Maintain a regular maintenance schedule in your home for items such as furnace, electrical wiring, plumbing, gas, landscaping, and roofing.
  • Secure the premise of your home by keeping all doors and windows locked.
  • Install a home burglar alarm system.
  • When leaving the home vacant, make sure the home looks occupied at all times (install light timers, for instance).
  • Protect all home valuables by using a safety deposit box (or hiding items in places a burglar wouldn’t think to look).
  • Take extra precautions when going on vacation, including having a trusted neighbor check on the home and collect the mail, turn off all waterlines.
  • Avoid sharing details about your vacation on social media until after you return home.

Visit our homeowners insurance page for more detailed home insurance information.

Tips for Business Insurance

There are many aspects of owning your own business where you will need to protect yourself with adequate insurance covrerage. These business insurance tips are designed to protect not only yourself, but also your business patrons, employees, inventory, and intangible assets.

  • Monitor for safe conditions for employees and/or customers and take immediate corrective action where required.
  • Keep all walkways safe and clear for patrons.
  • Keep a log of safety inspections in the case of a potential slip & fall incident.
  • To prevent break-ins, secure the premise with a burglar alarm system that is monitored offsite.
  • Where applicable, add metal screens, bars, or all-grade floor glass.
  • Ensure proper functioning of all safety features in the building including fire alarms, exit signs, and extinguishers.
  • Limit the amount of cash on the premises, or use a safe or money-limiting device.
  • Install anti-shoplifting devices and/or closed circuit television cameras.
  • Implement a business interruption prevention strategy, including hiring an accountant to prepare financial statements and conduct and annual audit.
  • Keep a list of secondary suppliers in case primary suppliers are unable to fulfill an order.
  • Have a backup plan of how to service customers if your business in interrupted (building repairs, renovations, etc.).
  • Keep duplicate business records and store them offsite.

Visit our business insurance page for more detailed information on the types of business insurance available.

Still Have Insurance Questions?

Contact our Ontario insurance agents at Huronia Insurance Group in Barrie if you need additional advice on how you can be proactive in protecting your car, your home, or your business. By taking the right pre-cautionary measures you may be able to avoid having to make an insurance claim.

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