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Canadians who plan and take annual vacations can find it extremely exciting and rewarding but it’s equally as important to have the proper travel insurance coverage for you and your family.

In fact, many Canadians don’t realize that when travelling out of province (within Canada) they may not be fully covered by their provincial health insurance plan. Also, when travelling outside of Canada, if you don’t have adequate insurance to cover any unexpected medical costs it can be quite expensive since these medical costs will not be covered by your Canadian medical plan.

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Below we’ve gathered a number of travel insurance tips to help safeguard you and your loved ones whether you travel within Canada or travel abroad.

Always Buy Supplemental Travel Insurance

According to statistics more than a third of all Canadian travellers depend on their company or group insurance plan. Most are unaware that the coverage they have may not be adequate for the risks involved in travelling outside of Canada. We always recommend buying supplemental travel insurance so there are no surprises.

Disclose Everything

When discussing travel insurance with your insurance broker be sure to disclose everything about yourself and your intended travel including:

  • Your destination
  • Your date of departure and return
  • What activities you may be taking part in (risky activities like scuba diving my nullify your insurance policy)
  • Medications you may be taking
  • Prior medical conditions (some insurances require a written doctor’s approval)

Understand Your Travel Cancellation Insurance Policy

Be sure you understand the fine print including the trip cancellation policy for what will and what will not be covered.

Visit Your Local Travel Clinic

Depending on your destination you may be required to update your required shots for travelling abroad. Visit the Public Health Agency of Canada website for more information.

Check For Updates On Outbreaks Near Your Destination

It is also recommended to check the Government of Canada’s Travel Health site to review relevant travel health notices and advisories applicable to your destination of travel.

Carry Copies of Your Important Papers

Mistakes happen and many travellers have lost or misplaced their passport or other important travel papers. Always carry an extra paper copy of your important documents by following these simple travel tips:

  • Make photocopies of your passport, driver’s licence, and medical cards and carry them separately
  • Make electronic copies of important papers and email them to yourself so they will be available online
  • Email yourself photos of any valuables you will be taking with you (including serial numbers)
  • Store your travel insurance policy number in your phone or other electronic devices so you always have access to it
  • Also store other emergency information on your electronic devices such as list of medications and emergency numbers
  • Always keep a hard copy of your prescriptions with you
  • If you buy expensive items during your trip like jewelry or electronics, photograph and email those to yourself as
  • Report a crime to the local police within 24 hours if possible and always obtain a copy of the police report
  • Consider buying extra travellers insurance to cover valuable property like cell phones and other mobile devices
  • You should not have to pay extra because of your age, so beware of insurance providers that want to charge you age-based

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