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Due to bad luck, bad timing, or even errors in judgement, many drivers may be considered “high risk drivers” and as a result, their insurance company may reject them.

Even the most careful and conscientious people, through no fault of their own, may receive that dreaded registered letter informing them that because of their “high risk driving record,” their relationship with their current insurance carrier is severed and future premiums will inevitably skyrocket.

For high risk drivers, your driver’s licence is an extremely valuable asset and in Ontario, automobile insurance is serious business. Criminal offences such as impaired driving (DUI), racing, driving under suspension, and operating a vehicle without insurance will result in surcharged premiums for a minimum of three years.

A variety of minor traffic violations including speeding, operating a hand held device, disobeying traffic signs, and failure to carry an insurance liability card will have a detrimental impact on your car insurance premiums. In fact, with as few as three minor traffic tickets in a 3-year period you can be regarded as a high risk driver.

A combination of events such as an at-fault collision and a careless driving charge could eradicate your many years of safe driving history and preferred car insurance premiums.

New Driver Insurance

If you are a novice driver without certified driver training, you may be considered a non-standard driver by many insurers for at least three years until you can provide documented experience to prove your safe driving abilities. Young driver and new driver insurance premiums are generally higher than average.

Insurance Payment Negligence

Another major factor that can affect your status for high risk driver insurance is payment issues.  By law, all automobile insurance companies must offer a monthly payment plan for personal automobile insurance policies. However, recurring insurance payment negligence will not be tolerated and will lead to termination of your auto insurance policy.

If you have two insurance cancellations in a three-year period you will be considered a high risk, and the result may be higher car insurance premiums without any option for a payment plan.

Fortunately, Huronia Insurance Group in Barrie Ontario has relationships with several high risk insurance companies that will accept your tarnished driving record and provide the automobile insurance coverage you need.

Ontario high risk insurance companies such as Echelon Insurance, Perth, Jevco, and Coachman Insurance can be accessed through our registered insurance brokers.

High Risk Auto Insurance Tips

By working closely with our insurance broker, a driver rehabilitation program can be designed to help reduce your driver insurance premiums significantly and improve your insurance rating over a period of time. During that period you can assist the process as follows:

  1. Avoid further driving tickets by following the rules of the road
  2. Use cruise control to help you avoid speeding
  3. Eliminate distractions while driving caused by an accessible cell phone
  4. Ensure that your vehicle is properly equipped with current and proper documentation
  5. Restrict other high risk drivers from operating your vehicle
  6. Work with a licensed insurance broker who has access to high risk insurance companies and will shop all available markets to find the best insurance premiums.

Your insurance broker will create a timeline to show you how your auto insurance rates will fall as your driving record improves.  Different policy terms may be utilized to coordinate expiry dates close to when your driving tickets are removed. Your broker will remove the stressful and frustrating burden by doing the insurance shopping for you.

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